Overlooks A Mountain

by Nuclear Spaceship

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released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Nuclear Spaceship Maine, Maine

Fritz Derblansky: Guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, shamisen, saxophone. trumpet

Ringo Raskolnikov: Bass, cello, violin, vocals, flute, tin whistle

Lucy LaFramp: piano, organ, synthesizer, clavinet, accordion, vibraphone, melodica, kalimba

Charlie Barnaby: drums, congas, cowbell, harmonica, backup vocals
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Track Name: The Harbormaster (VS. The Sea)
Was a day like this we left for home
our memories lost at sea
now they rush on by like bodies in the tide
with words still to decree

and a prancin' pony watched it all go down
with a grin upon his face
and the harbor master barred his teeth in anger
lifted up his shoulder
all versus the sea

Windy and dark-skied, the day was young
and everything was in its place
but it wasn't long before a sound came from the shoreline
a crying voice without a face

and a dancing lady clung tight to the vessel
wearing nothing but a song
and the harbor master looked out on his water
puffed his pipe and wondered
where did he go wrong?

sound the bell, we're afloat,
light the pyre in advance, and deny them the chance
sound the horn, let them know,
that all is as it should be, quiet on the sea
for eternity

Like a shipwrecked sailor, I drove myself insane
with thoughts of what could have been
what I could do with just a cheap canoe
no one would ever see me again

and I'd smoke alone on the bow of my boat
with my chains shining bright
as the harbor master I'd make my mark, I'm finished
and everything's alright
Track Name: Taxidermy
While you were out, I took the liberty of finding the words to be said
before and after the wicked expansion
And we walk about the mansion conversing with the bucks
they do not respond
this is quite a silence
someone break the silence

How have you been since I came back from the dead?
this is quite a silence
do you have any provisions? or apologies to say to me today?
Track Name: Androscoggin
To make some paper, we'll need a river
we'll need some lumber and lots of time

Here on the Androscoggin, we've built a town to serve the king
we've got the saws and the dyes, we've got everything
on the riverbanks, from side to side, spanning city wide
we've done the best we can to beautify the tide

Here on the Androscoggin, we've found a stench to repel skunks,
which if you look at the town, is a real stroke of luck
all 180 miles, from Umbagog Lake to the Pine Tree State
we've found a way to make our product seal degrade
Track Name: The Human Mellotron
A man known only as the human mellotron talks vibrantly about his dream to make the world a place where everyone can be a sound wave, travel across the ocean instantaneously and be re-absorbed into the final days of sound and color, count them on one hand, let folks around you wonder what can be the cause.
What did we say to upset any deity who might be watching?
Have our sounds been artificial?
Is that such a crime?

Watching as the notes fall into place, he sleeps and dreams of a melody so divine, that his hand may interpret as his own
But his mind is but a key, and it is pressed down to the wood
And a searing violin destroys the peace that he is shown
Track Name: Vitruvian Triad
The plans for a station rest atop a rocky clouded shelf
an aspiration dreamt up by Vitruvius himself
hello, how are you doing today?

The ballistae and engines, right beside pure golden works of art
he never mentioned, let Archimedes get a running start
hello, hope you enjoy your stay

And down below, the people look around at the mason's sprawl
they knock their fingers against columns, thinking "now this must be all"
the walls of Olympus will be lined with names, and I will point to mine
In between each column: "Solid, Useful, Beautiful"

Mars, Venus, stars, lined around the Earth to cradle life
and guide the wanderers, virtues three but one will suffice
hello, we hope to see you again

The structure's integrity, we can define
as a sense of security, beauty and purpose combined

Again with the knocking, again with the pipes
won't you ever be finished? Let us get on with our lives

We welcome everyone to trace these walls and peel the paint
to uncover the secrets of those colors only we can see
and bring them to your world
Vitruvian in style and design
in the triad

we can see everything and know the ways to bring it up
and burn it down until you're
Solid, Useful, and Beautiful
Track Name: Nozzles
You can't see what isn't there, then I can see everything
you can't find what has been lost, you can't lose what you don't bring
they say taste is mostly smell, they say machines they cannot love
would they think to think to think again when they find they've had enough?

What's it worth to you? I'll cut you a deal
it's nothing personal, I swear
it's a worthy cause if I ever heard one
clamp those little nozzles on your brain

Clamp those nozzles on your brain and we'll feed it through a tube
dump in memories and thoughts until we've used up all the room
each day an adventure, and all your dreams will spring to life
in fact you'll feel emotion like no other soul alive