Get Ready For New England

by Nuclear Spaceship

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released May 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Nuclear Spaceship Maine, Maine

Fritz Derblansky: Guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, shamisen, saxophone. trumpet

Ringo Raskolnikov: Bass, cello, violin, vocals, flute, tin whistle

Lucy LaFramp: piano, organ, synthesizer, clavinet, accordion, vibraphone, melodica, kalimba

Charlie Barnaby: drums, congas, cowbell, harmonica, backup vocals
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Track Name: No Man Is An Island (Rhode Island)
Rhode Island, maritime, 1214 square miles
Architects of cumberlandite, dropouts from Brown
Lovecraftian as anchors fall in Little Portugal
Plan 9 from Providence, its streets so bare

Where do you stand, Rhode Island? when your ground keeps giving way
And you're not even an island
Run to the hills, oh wait that's right, you're just a coastal floodplain
Just an umbrella factory
What did you grow on your plantations? and will you ever change your name?
To something that reflects the way you still can't find a reason to be happy
Why did you boycott the convention? were you really that proud of your slaves?
Your tuberculosis vampires?
At the head of Narraganset Bay and down on Aquidneck Isle,
with not much in between except for homelessness and white pride

No man is an island
Track Name: Those Who Cannot Be Drowned (Massachusetts)
Algonquin nation, tell us to your faces, what do you think of our big ships?
Got a nice place here, a nice home base here, to show our opposition to the Anglican church
There's fish in a barrel to shoot
Our seed has taken root

Smallpox and measles we know on our great virgin soil we sow
What must Irishmen do to be heard in this cesspool of the drunk and disturbed
What must colonial offspring do to survive the winter?
We've killed everybody who could have shown us the way

Storm of revolution comes to sweep the bay, deep virgin waters bleed tea of the taxed
Samuel Adams and a whole lot of Johns keep the fire burning and set out to sea
Puritanic wisdom guides us along the coastline
Throw them in the water, those who cannot be drowned

Mills and the railroads alive help the concrete and steelmen survive
And who told us we have to behave? just to rot in early unmarked graves
Puritanic wisdom guides us along the coastline
Have yourself an ice cream out here in Provincetown

What's going on in Boston?
Will Charlie ever get off the MTA?
Bill Buckner at the 86 series and how the damn ball went right between his legs

How about a round at a place where everyone seems to know your name?
We reminisce about the book they bound in skin of a certain Mr. Allen, first name James

Every street in Braintree is a stem upon a branch upon a tree-like central nervous system growing all the time
Every brain in Braintree, individual or collected, is a Golgi Apparatus in a cell inside a leaf upon this living tree that pulses rhythmically

You will never find the root, its shape is infinite
For life is cyclical, and you'll be stuck in Massachusetts

All the homes in Braintree are the cells inside the foliage that dot the city streets with people passing through them in a way that plant biology cannot quite explain
So a glimpse of Braintree can reveal what micro-organisms think about their lives as they consume and they migrate in the suburban tree of brains

Our collective consciousness is what all life will be
Our wisdom is so infinite it'll win a Peabody
Track Name: Smoke To The Greenery (Vermont)
Distinguished by its size, it tucks itself away
Adopting the shape of its neighbor state
Comparable to the Great Red Spot
the singularity of the state of Vermont

Samuel de Champlain, how about you explain
the cows in the hills, the motorbikes
Trundling in front of military cargo
set up to secure the borderline

The maple trees are waiting to be tapped again
in names of towns that seem to repeat themselves
Each one built on top of a brewery
just waiting for its chance to erupt from the ground

Senator Sanders, do you have an answer
for raising the stakes of rural life?
Everything is small batch, people driving too fast
Add a little smoke to the greenery

They write songs about your moonlight
But don't go out at night
Champ is getting restless
For what he's been denied

Your proximity to our enemies
Is exactly what we need
You heard Father Rale, let's get on their tail
and drive those winos home

And there's war again down in Bennington
New Yorkers, beware
Those Green Mountain Boys make a joyful noise
and shoot into the air
Track Name: The Polls Are In (New Hampshire)
Hello there Mr. Abenaki, how are you today?
You see, we serve the crown of France, we thought we'd come this way
Make this mountainous location part of our New World creation
tell us, have you anything you'd like to trade?

Your houses really quite inviting, your language rather not
We'll make you fabulously wealthy if you serve our cause
And forever interweave this splendid empire of beavers
when we see the English ships begin to come

Here he comes, David Thompson
Will he treat you like you've treated me?
Will he treat you like we have?

Hello there Mr. Penacook man, reeling from the fight
I'll leave out whiskey and your daughters, tell my children lies
So they think that we were friends and maybe someday meet again
way up north where we can blend into the trees

Dover, just as beautiful as they say
as they clear cut the forest we pray for peace
and save the wood, and brace for attack

Waldron, the major and our defender
you drew out the tribes and you led them all to die
like you

The Englishman stands alone
we denounce our royal stone
come to warn us
the sea is blood and granite bone
yes the American boys have won

The Old Man, I miss the shadow that you cast
the mountain, it shows the image of the past
I remember the day you fell
it was a school day

Long after Washington got punched in the eye
on that dock down in Portsmouth
the presidency remained the same because

Up in the mountain on the skis we invented its time for the election
and they are the first to name

Good Richard Upton let your bill be passed
and let us cast our vote
for whoever we deem conventionally and

Politically up to our liberal agenda because let's stop pretending,
it'll always be a blue state!

Hart's Location, you know it's really amazing
just the way that we can live free or die

And now we celebrate with discounted liquor
and we do it all tax free
as the license plates start to fill with white

Meanwhile a Francophone bellhop at the financial conference
sets a table for FDR
he isn't sure if he should like the Steelers or the Pats

The polls are in, the polls are in
for one place
New Hampshire

Ladies and gentleman, the Dover jazz ghost!
Track Name: Insured For Life (Connecticut)
Good evening, that's a nice car
Are you insured? You have a plan?
You hate your job? You want to die?
We'll help with that

You know that you'll never leave again
For Hartford even trapped Mark Twain
And you'll have to go and get yourself a boat
So you can sail yourself back home

Constitutions leave out what the people really want to say
And disguise racial epithets in intellectual postscript

So tell us now, we're listening
the Southwick Jog is still missing
we will give in to compromise
every time

If we escape to Old New York
Put all our weight on the Oblong
but then again, we spear some whales
we question

Are we in the New London or Old?
Old Saybrook says it's time to fold
And stop pretending where we are
Pretending like we're not at war

Now you're down and out with five percent for nothing in your future
In insurance, never let them tell you twice about yourself

I just wanna say that while I like your foliage
it isn't worth the traffic, it isn't worth the fuss
God bless Jackie Robinson and good old Katherine Hepburn
but then again, fuck George Bush

I really can't decide and neither can you
are you with us or against us?

Don't call me an Uncle Tom, cause that doesn't make any sense
Don't call me a yankee in King Arthur's court
Just dump my body by the river
Cover me in nutmeg and float me upstream