The Holy Quadrangle

by Nuclear Spaceship

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released June 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Nuclear Spaceship Maine, Maine

Fritz Derblansky: Guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, shamisen, saxophone. trumpet

Ringo Raskolnikov: Bass, cello, violin, vocals, flute, tin whistle

Lucy LaFramp: piano, organ, synthesizer, clavinet, accordion, vibraphone, melodica, kalimba

Charlie Barnaby: drums, congas, cowbell, harmonica, backup vocals
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Track Name: SCUBA
Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus

While you were under, we couldn't contain ourselves
Had a nice breakfast and left you for dead
Though you're still breathing, you never will tell about
What you had learned with this technology
Track Name: The Great Fire of Aught Three
The firefighters had wire cutters
Cause they're axes had been confiscated

The paramedics had Lara bars
Since they have so much nutritional content

And there they came to rescue me

The burning tower has a fluidity
It forms a spiral up to the stratosphere

You found a rope, you hang on tight
You go retrieve those little hatchets

So they can finally rescue me
Chop down all those cellar doors
That my uncle built himself
Track Name: Quite Honestly
The sun's going down, the sky is a grapefruit wallpaper
I'm feelin' alright. Or maybe I'm feeling suicidal
Or maybe it's both, mixed together like census data
There's something wrong but I quite honestly don't know what the problem is

There's gas in the car, the job is all done and the check's in the mail
The radio's on but I hate this Thursday 1 to 3 show
It's 20 degrees, cold enough for me to be happy
But something's wrong and I quite honestly don't know what the problem is

I've explained too many times that I can't explain
And you oughta know by now

The sun's going down, but I guess it always has to happen
I'm feelin' alright. Or maybe I'm feeling suicidal
But either way I'll just end up waking up tomorrow
There's something wrong but I quite honestly don't know what the problem is
Track Name: Evening Over a Dark Forest By a River
There's a mansion down in the ranch
that can't always be seen from the road
But right around Christmas time,
it shines a pale blue light
And the Rio Grande shines
all the way to Mexico
Until the sun comes up
and the river starts to flow

The waters lie in silence
And the pink moon flies in
The fires slowly dying
Smoking in a spin
The folks in the mansion,
they say their goodnights
They lay down into bed
And they turn off the lights
But the glow seeps through
and it travels through the air
Flies in a dream
Spreading anywhere

And rewarding those that see it
As the water levels rise
While the two meet at midnight
With interlocking eyes
As the sky meets the water,
at a point still undisclosed
And the two become one
And give each other shade
from the fire-breathing sun
that's turned the moon against them
Its light has been withheld
The stars have all turned red

So in a dark forest,
drenched in soft blue light,
the sky and water wait
to wander in the night
Track Name: Belfast Green
If her tongue was made of ivory
Then her eyes were pickles
a briny sheen of Belfast Green
reflected in the oblong clouds in her judgment

It came from the factory where they labored in love
And put salt in the status of every man's affliction

What produce may come from its internal creation?
Untouched by human tongues
And the vinegar-y seed of its fulfillment
Track Name: Freezing To Death
Freezing to death is quite a way to go
They say it's just like falling asleep
I haven't slept in years, though I've had many dreams
It might be nice
Only one way to know

Terrible people want to make everyone afraid
And I'm afraid they might succeed
But everyone has something that they can hold on to
Only seasonally
And you should never let it go

Frozen in time but literally encased
Living half-asleep
You're half the way there now and you're on your way
I'll be here
Cause I could stand to take my turn
Track Name: The Emerald Sparrow
You might have seen him in your dreams
There might be a thread to pull
if you're wondering what it means
Those verdant plumes and eyes like storms

Spiritual wealth in observation of heaven-bound passeridae
you won't catch the Emerald Sparrow

Perched atop the ruins of machines,
his talons tap the rhythms to a hymn
And brings the sun in shades of white and green
shaded by the cool movement of his wings

Faith and perfect health in preserving the trees' streaming electricity,
lighting up the Emerald Sparrow

Sapphires and moonlit rays reflect
every feathered rain that falls to Earth
Fertilize the wooden casks of wine
and keep you feeling like you're living in a dream

Faith and perfect health in preserving the trees' streaming electricity,
lighting up those little engines
that power aviation with their famous
spiritual wealth in observation of heaven-bound passeridae,
you won't catch the Emerald Sparrow
Track Name: I Saw the Future
There's something in your house
You don't know what it is
Don't know where it came from

But it's chewing on your shoes
And it's tying up loose ends
It's doing everything
that you never could

Yes, it's scratching at the wood
It's nailing up a cross
Doing what you planned
you'd be doing in the end

Time is the essence
Get out while you can
Keep your mind in focus
Tell me what you're drinking

Eyes on the future,
I saw the future
I saw the future and it isn't so good