Dead Bastard Sun

by Nuclear Spaceship

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released November 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Nuclear Spaceship Maine, Maine

Fritz Derblansky: Guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, shamisen, saxophone. trumpet

Ringo Raskolnikov: Bass, cello, violin, vocals, flute, tin whistle

Lucy LaFramp: piano, organ, synthesizer, clavinet, accordion, vibraphone, melodica, kalimba

Charlie Barnaby: drums, congas, cowbell, harmonica, backup vocals
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Track Name: The Night Janitor
Who's been moving the pens? Everything is disturbed ever so slightly
And it feels like someone's been fucking around with our minds
And the night janitor seems to know more than he says
Who's been jingling the keys? Those damn keys, rings in our brains
We can't get to sleep. He's taken our peace of mind
And the night janitor keeps coming in unannounced

What a bastard
Track Name: Hong And The Three Ships
"my hand grasps the killing power in Heaven and Earth
to behead the evil ones, spare the just, ease the people's sorrow
my eyes roam north and west beyond the rivers and the mountains
my voice booms east and south to the edge of the sun and the moon

with the three foot blade in my hand, I bring peace to the mountains and the rivers
all peoples living as one, united in kindness
sieze the evil demons and I send them back to Earth
and scoop up the last of the evildoers in a heavenly net"
-Hong Xiuquan

I alone have seen the Heavens, you collected are my kin
For in yellow robes and the emperor's face, I see the face of God
None of your prophets or thinkers, none of your monarchs, mere men
The servants of heavenly grace
And i at their helm as the heavenly king, and to lead us to our resting place

Bring out the outcast, bring us your poor and your weak
Worship these figures no longer for in your ignorance
You've insulted the honor and power, the might of divine
And if you repent, you may serve our cause
To expand on a virtue that's found in each man, and to enforce the natural laws

To the world outside these walls, Heaven seems amiss
Your people are clever and wise, but your status conflicts
So three ships are sent to monitor and fly our noble banner
Three ships, the Hermes, The Cassini, and The Susquehanna

Do you know our God? Yes, we always have
Do you yield your ways? It cannot be done

To the world inside these walls, divinity comes alive
And if this is not realized, these treaties won't survive
So three ships return to their land, opinions are divided
And for the cause of the heavenly ones, no assistance is provided

Doth Heaven share a common space with Hell?
And they both have a space here on Earth?
But demons plague us everyday, we try our best to drive them away
They curse their fates and then they curse their birth

Send my regards to Canton, for it seems I'm not here anymore
I will be with you soon, father, brother, my family
Beyond Earthly delights and beyond life and death there's a will
God's is the China of peace, a China of love

My kingdom lies in ruins, as Confucius laughs, I sing
At what the dragon demon of the Eastern sea may bring
For my name is complete, and my Heaven Taiping
Track Name: Diabetes
Somewhere outside Indiana is another one just the same
with the citizens and the denizens of Gary and Fort Wayne
and not a single person has anything to do

Homeopathy and jazz are the way the people live
and America as a whole exists on an independent plane
one that's self-sufficient and builds its own chairs

The farmers all are wealthy, and the teachers not on strike
And diabetes means eternal life

Foreign trade is only brought by interstellar trucks
whose drivers get home safely every night
the president only controls the west coast

The upper class owns K-Mart and office supply
and the lower class go to school for math
get the 12-gauge, Jimmy, Santa Claus is comin' to town
Track Name: As I Sat And Wrote My Opera
As I sat and wrote my opera, minutes turned to days
but I knew when it was finished they'd all be amazed
must have cost a pretty penny to produce in such a way
and its meaning and its subtext ensured it will forever play

And it doesn't really matter what the critics say
as long as people rant and rave
they sing my songs and they dance in the street
until they themselves are paved

As I sat and wrote my opera weeks turned into years
but I knew that my melodies would move them all to tears
I'll hire only the finest singers who can bring my words to life
and musicians who can shear through hearts just like a knife
Track Name: Electricity Of An Electric City's Eclectic Cistern
Clouds, fog, blue in hue, and light as rain
tired, hungry, shuffling to the rhythms
of the sounds of a day in an electric city

Black water, cold fire, and stagnant winds
lights, gracing metal landscapes to the sky
alive with a flowing electricity

No water cleanses, no water sustains
never to give life, never to remain
and held at the center, a shapeless void
with traces of life, long since destroyed

Can't deny the progress that the scientific minds bestow upon our world
beneath the hollow chambers filling up with ashes, scattered to the breeze
we see the cistern

Thunder, striking, light up the night and show the path
leading east and west, spiral out of the city
and a venture moving all across the viscous meadows

Meanwhile, Earth is alight and their eyes grow dim
South, far south, somewhere the Earth is cracking
alive, it cries out for mercy

Thrown into a circle, a spiral architecture
people sliding downwards, beginning the cycle
a ceremony darkly lit for following their base instincts
and all our mistakes

Water swirls around them, lost beneath the surface
rust away the metals, perpetuate the cycle
reflected in the water's light, a glimmer of the source of life
and it shines through the dawn

Elder system becoming charged at the origin, conducting up through the water and into their heads
Eats at their insides, destroying hope for the masses, erecting sites in their memory to honor their dead
Every spire subverting mass recognition, erodes and drips down the surface where citizens gaze
Electing spirits, viewing birth in its true light, expecting someone to rise up and shine through the haze
Track Name: Arbor Day
I want to overpay for a guided tour of your body
You can teach me all about the Federalist political party

Yes I want to dump my tea into your harbor
Celebrate the fourth of July and Arbor Day