by Nuclear Spaceship

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released July 21, 2015

"In The Steppes Of Central Asia" composed by Alexander Borodin
"Funiculi Funicula" composed by Luigi Denza



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Nuclear Spaceship Maine, Maine

Fritz Derblansky: Guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, shamisen, saxophone. trumpet

Ringo Raskolnikov: Bass, cello, violin, vocals, flute, tin whistle

Lucy LaFramp: piano, organ, synthesizer, clavinet, accordion, vibraphone, melodica, kalimba

Charlie Barnaby: drums, congas, cowbell, harmonica, backup vocals
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Track Name: I've Never Been To Florida
Where do most folks go when their brains have given up
And want to pledge allegiance to the sea?
Can I locate it on a map even when my eyes are blind
And I'm relying on my ears to see?

I've never been to Florida
It doesn't call my name
I've never been to Florida
I bet it's more of the same

Where do most folks go when they need a place to rest
And want to live a life of relative ease?
Can I locate it on a map and dream all of my lovely dreams
Of drowning in a vat of beer and cheese?

I've never been to Florida
Because I'm not old and fat
I've never been to Florida
And I'm alright with that
Track Name: Spirit Of The North
I believe in the spirit of the north
Protects the innocent, the stupid, and the young
He walks the streets and the alleys back and forth
Looking for any way he can to have some fun

I believe in the spirit of the north
He's my beacon, he's carrying my torch
I believe in the spirit of the north
I believe, I believe, I believe

In the morning as the snow begins to fall
And the plow don't seem to wanna come at all
The hum of these electric lights gives me paralysis
So I can see just what will become of this
And the moon shines on darkened grassland
With all these winds knocking over my trash can
The roots vibrating in the Earth under the trees
Until I start giving birth to amputees

I believe in the spirit of the north
He's my tonic and my augmented fourth
I believe in the spirit of the north
I believe, I believe, I believe

The spirit, like no other thing I know
Glides so peacefully across the ice and snow
Leaves nothing on the ground, never leaves on his shoes
No, he seems just as happy as a moose
He sure is brilliant, or maybe it's a she
Or maybe it's whatever you imagine it to be
No way to track it unless you're dead and gone
And then it lives in the clothes that you have on
Track Name: The Macedonian Question
In Macedonia, in Bulgaria, there's a question on the mind
Regarding how and when, and if then, what for?
Can this nation really survive?
In Macedonia, they want to know just how they're gonna carry it and what to do

In Austro-Hungary and in Serbia, the tensions are piled high
and in Bulgaria sans the Ottomans they say that San Stefano was a lie
Meanwhile in Bosnia, meanwhile the cards are stacked against the Orthodox unless they answer
The Macedonian Question

And so the Balkan states on their peninsula, prepare themselves for war
And now Albania in all its sovereignty wants to get itself a little more
Russia just rolls its eyes, and minds its business, lets the world decide what to be done

In Macedonia, no one says a word either for or against the plan
Just lets Bulgaria and Greece and Serbia sort it out any way that they can
And so the continent is engulfed in turmoil as they answer (say that name again)
The Macedonian Question
Track Name: Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts
I'm so hungry, no wine or water will suffice
And I'd sell my soul for a single grain of rice

I'm so hungry, all I eat it ain't enough
And I'd go to Hell just for a chance to call its bluff

I'm so hungry, every restaurant is closed
They've shown me into Hell and my soul's been disposed
Track Name: Quiet Contemplation
On every side, the mountains stand
And the light goes on forever
Through the fog, the water shining bright
A mystery for those so clever

Shallow water, I can see my feet
And in the distance a faint shadow
Disappears as soon as it had come
No wind is blowing, no water flows

Take in the silence, picturing the sky
And quiet contemplation in this wonderland
The rustle of the branches that wish that they could fly
A pillar to the heavens where all can stand

The hazy glow surrounding me
Seems a perfect temperature
And in the water my reflection glides
So livid now, so self-assure

I approach the shadow
And a surface stands to view
A ring of chairs sits peaceful in the center
Jutting through the violet hue

Wondrous as the heavens, this beauty all to me
And perfect isolation from the Earthly realm
A sea of blue and violet with clouds of white and gray
If this be the ship of providence then I will man the helm

I'm waiting at an undisclosed location
Sitting at a table you can't see
It's not as it seems, for if it was a dream
You'd be right at the table sipping tea

I sit in silence, my lonesome luncheonette
Feasting just on clarity
The fog is thick and the water starts to rise
Not yet grasping the disparity

The water's cool, like ice across my body
I relax and float on by
The ring of chairs still standing far below me
As I reach out and touch the sky

Weightless and lifted, a smile on my face
Giving me a false sense of security
High above the mountains, nothing lays beyond
A peaceful end to space and time eternally