Down With Sincerity

by Nuclear Spaceship

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released November 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Nuclear Spaceship Maine, Maine

Fritz Derblansky: Guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, shamisen, saxophone. trumpet

Ringo Raskolnikov: Bass, cello, violin, vocals, flute, tin whistle

Lucy LaFramp: piano, organ, synthesizer, clavinet, accordion, vibraphone, melodica, kalimba

Charlie Barnaby: drums, congas, cowbell, harmonica, backup vocals
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Track Name: Western Pennsylvania Heart Attack
Somewhere in western PA
Many years ago
There was truly a brave man
Who had the genius plan
Secure his place in history
By having himself the first of its kind
The first ever tried, the very first time
The first

Western Pennsylvania heart attack
20 miles north of Pittsburgh
Western Pennsylvania heart attack
The exact date and time
Track Name: Toenails
Standing on your bed, I was a beacon to the stars
meanwhile below me lay discarded pilsner cans we never bothered
to turn into something valuable, per chance a shrink ray to miniaturize
everyone who came into our line of vision

I think you had to throw up, but there never came a moment
without at least some kind of witty observation that was about life

Toenails piercing flesh but also growing from it,
like a tree on a mountain stream, sapping your resources
Still they dot the landscape and fuse together in a crescent moon,
glimmering like an exit sign over this tranquil ocean home

Nevermore we'll have the chance to make pleasant conversation
dancing in imagination but keeping it locked in there
Track Name: Spider In the Corner
Eight legs and a face that's too small to see,
he's been there for weeks or months or years
At first I didn't want to move him, and now he's simply part of the decor

Every bathroom needs a little spider in the corner

No names, but if I had to pick,
I'd go with something dignified and French
Because he's made the world a better place and really tied the room together
Track Name: Ossipee
Living alone in a trailer in Ossipee, getting along just fine
Taking a bite out of social security, keeping up faith in the grace
of the grand design

Content in all your base philosophy,
brain far away from the notion of entropy,
why don't you have another cup of tea
and look out on your boat

Still clinging to the possession of property, having yourself a ball
Happy to say that "no one's the boss of me", happy to have your ex wife
still on call

Better to save your money so you can ski
than have a place people want to see
There's nothing wrong, you're living free
and that means you can't die
Track Name: Why Do Things Get Smaller?/Exclaves
Curvature of the Earth as I walk along
Picking up anything I find on the ground
They decrease in size, also in value, not what they originally were

Why do things get smaller?
Why's everything so small?

Public parks, work of art, drifting in the breeze
Oxygen, nitrogen, preventing disease
The disease of having some stake in the world as you can relate to someone in Norway

Am I a part of you or are you a part of me?

Exclaves, out of reach from the powers that be
Reverse the picture, English colonies
Do I really have what you need though I'm so far away?

Kentucky bend, upper peninsula, Lake of the Woods County
And of course we shant forget Alaska and Hawaii
Doesn't matter who was here first, we need each other so much
Track Name: Planetarium
There are creatures in the sea who are yet unknown to us
With their spines and little lights, they send us all a message

All the creatures on the land, in the deserts and the tundras
The equator is a zipper, one day geothermal energy will fire up our minds

Winged ascension to the sky, something we should all strive for
Evolution, pass no judgment, just a way a century can pass before our very eyes

But out in the stars, the lines and dots converge
And spin with the rise of the galaxy
Track Name: 7 String Mandolin
I broke a string on my mandolin
Now it's only got seven strings

I broke a string on my mandolin
Now I'm feeling like a fool