A Duel At Ten Paces

by Nuclear Spaceship

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released May 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Nuclear Spaceship Maine, Maine

Fritz Derblansky: Guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, shamisen, saxophone. trumpet

Ringo Raskolnikov: Bass, cello, violin, vocals, flute, tin whistle

Lucy LaFramp: piano, organ, synthesizer, clavinet, accordion, vibraphone, melodica, kalimba

Charlie Barnaby: drums, congas, cowbell, harmonica, backup vocals
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Track Name: Calligraphy/Cartography

I am at your service, my pens and my imagination all to serve the court
give me your devices, the letters and the language, and I'll turn it into art
With a power like no other these creations that give life to words
For these are not the layman's speeches these are words that rule the world

Whose oratory could challenge that of the mind
that speaks in such a resonating tone
when your science fails you and your God deserts you
look around, words are all you have

As I work I contemplate the frills and all the decorations, what they really mean
The lionhearted excess, the regal affectations, do they make the sounds unclean
Is anyone swayed by passion from a monarchs tongue
and is that passion powerful still for the old and young

Authority can't reach towards universal
communication can not be one's alone
Verbosity be damned and brevity be blessed
where calligraphy has no place left


I see life in lines, one leading to another, where reality is easily compressed
In the future when they look upon my works, they'll find geography bent to my request
Feel your life's travel spread over a page
and drawing lines traps you in your cage
Everything in this world that we live in has a simpler way to be expressed
In two dimensions, the lives we lead are easier to digest
Track Name: Anatta
The sun turns to water
and the rain powers life
and the light fuels movement
the transit of the mind
Track Name: Little Fat
Little Fat spoke in black and white and yellow
rotund and pinguid as she tumbled down
along a path laid out by those same colors in reverse
in a manner most befitting such a creature
Little Fat got her hooks in the fabric of life
and tried to drag it with her down the highway
but no trucks stopped to pick her up today
And Little Fat wandered back to her apartment
Track Name: Monolith Monorail
The monolith rolls on, spitting ashes to the sky
crashing wheels and cogs in cogs
sees its neighbor, both continue
to fulfill their preset designs

Metal clinking, the beast lumbers on
minuets play and each one sounds the same
and tracing the paths
spelling out his name

There aren't any trade winds, and there's no electric
A silent German turns his head
admires three or four Polish women
and closes his eyes again

Each one sleeps, but not one dreams
as they silently crush all in their way
knowing the vessel will reach its destination
and buying each of them just one more day for sacrifice
one more day for penitence
Look out the window to the world's end
one more phony repentance
one more meaningless life
follow the map to the world's end

Farther out the smoke's diluted
at the junction north of Greece
where rails diverge and meet by chance
and every map is creased

Politely they flip and pull the switches
losing memory of the place
rotate slightly the criss-crossed lines
each one a smile on the Devil's face

Continue East, no stopping at all
we'll circle around again
Until the ground disappears beneath us
and the horns begin

Before the dawn, the stench is foul
two hundred years of decay
tracing infinity in finite space
and serving only to delay the afterlife
and lay the land to waste
light a perfect likeness of the death seed
we need more lines that divide, and acidic taste
to trade in a pale horse for an iron steed
Track Name: Ursa's Major
She was born to a religious family, strict latter-day saints, little Ursa the bear
born to a delicious family outside Burby and Bates, Ursa get out of there
did she run away?
did she join the hockey team?
did she buy the farm? No

she got herself some national attention and headed off into town

And so it was that Ursa's major in helio-centric ethno-psychology was abruptly cut short by an unfortunate series of budget cuts, but alas, her adorable appearance belied her ferocious tenacity, and in a grand and noble appeal, Ursa gave a memorable and articulate speech that shook the academic world to its very core

Torn between her education and her social life, priorities change
before the semester is over and winter sets in, time to hibernate
did she get some sleep?
did she join the hockey team?
did she buy the farm? No
she laid herself out on the patio and had a couple beers